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International Fassati Art Festival Prague

Filled with extraordinary experiences, the Fassati Art Festival is a performing arts project that features a well-balanced mixture of music, visual arts, design, gourmet delicacies, emotions and human harmony. The festival’s main idea was developed by soprano Markéta Fassati, who collaborated with the renowned agency Armonico Praga, which is headed by Milada Peřinová, to guarantee the festival’s unique nature. Their long-standing friendship and musical collaboration all over the world have resulted in the upcoming celebration of performing arts in the Czech capital. Historically, the Czech lands have had significant ties to the world in all areas of art, and the Fassati Art Festival aims to continue that tradition. 

Every artistic encounter brings pleasure to all the senses. A concert, a gourmet and artistic experience and, most importantly, a rare chance to meet with people who share the same values. The entire festival also has a charitable mission, namely to help pre-selected disadvantaged families whose lives have been difficult. 

For more information, please visit www.fassatiartfestival.com